About Us

Incorporated in 2011, the company was established to meet the growing and steady demand of pencils in the United States and the Philippine market.

PSPMI decided to put up its manufacturing facility in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, to take advantages of the investment incentives in the Freeport zone such as its proximity to a world class port, stable power, low labor rates, low rental rates, and tax incentives. Our first facility was located in a 8073 sq feet area divided into two floors. Formal Operations started in January 2012. In our first year of operations, the company was able to manufacture more than 230,000 gross pencils. In the middle of 2012 or 6 months after full operations, PSPMI decided to expand its operation into a bigger facility of 15,500 square feet. Further, PSPMI decided to purchase new capital equipment for the expected demand in the US, Mexico, and Brazil market . We moved to our existing facility last November 2012 and full operations in the new facility started on Jan 1, 2013. For 2013, PSPMI surpassed the 2012 total output with 500,000 gross pencils for the year. In addition, PSPMI was fully accredited as a Manufacturer of Walmart for Pencils after passing the Walmart Audit last December 2013.

With a total of 60 years of Pencil manufacturing experience in our existing workforce, PSPMI was able to develop an intensive training program that will equip operators with the skill set needed in one week. This will allow us to quickly ramp up to meet the potential demand for pencils overseas and the domestic market.